jazmin miller
When you put two physicians together in marriage, what do you get? An artist, of course (duh).

Jazmin Miller was born to Logan and Rosemary Miller on
November 4, 1986 in Memphis, TN. Since she can remember, Jazmin has enjoyed studying people, in their various colors and texture of personality and being.  Unbeknownst to them, each person had become a character in the story of life that she enjoyed telling and imitating in comedy, horror, drama and suspense on her own stage of choosing (Bed? Dollhouse? Bathtub? Backyard?…you name it).

Shortly before her high school years, she got involved in the first structured theatre
experience with Germantown Community Theatre's James and the Giant Peach, where she became sold on theatre arts forever (and ever). During high school, she performed in Aladdin, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Danitra Vance's Shakespeare :Live and in Color! She then attended Rhodes College, where she was mentored and kindly befriended by Julia "Cookie" Ewing. At Rhodes, she performed in Ubu Roi, Agnes of God, Macbeth, and Bano de Damas. During her final year at  Rhodes College, Jazmin wrote, directed and performed in Morning of Hope, a play on the true colors of racism on the college campus and in the world at large. Jazmin studied film acting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2007.

Jazmin has enjoyed directing and teaching experience over the years as well.
During college years to the present, she has taught acting, improvisation and character building classes at Germantown Community Theatre,  Hattiloo Theatre, Rozelle Elementary, Colonial Middle, Double Tree Elementary and New Hope Christian Academy. She assistant directed Las Diatribas de Amor Contra un Hombre Sentado at Rhodes and directed  Annie Jr. at Hattiloo Theatre (cast of 25 children vs. one very busy young woman). She also directed film actor and solo performer Phil Darius Wallace in a one-man show From the Heart of a King.

Jazmin's current project, The Journey of Truth is a one-woman show on historical
figure Sojourner Truth, an ex-slave, abolitionist, women's rights activist and traveling minister. The show covers the beginning of Truth's "personal war" as a child to a major turning point in her life, where she takes on the name "Sojourner Truth." Truth's personal walk with God, astounding wit and humbling honesty empowered her to take every opportunity to "profess God's good truth" into the nation. Jazmin walks in the same faith in which Truth walked and desires God's good truth to be as evident and powerful in the show itself as it is in her life. She sincerely hopes for this project to be a life-long endeavor, changing and shaping as she continues to grow and mature in age, wisdom and in God's likeness.

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