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About Sojourner Truth:

Sojourner Truth was born in 1797 as "Isabella Baumfree", a slave to the Ardinburgh family, Dutch-speakers in Ulser County, New York. At a young age, Isabella had connection with God and spoke to him often in Low Dutch.
After years of abuse, devout admiration for her master and disappointment, Isabella walked from the American slave system at God's command. After living years in New York City, her life as "Isabella" comes to a head.

She walks from the city in faith, taking on the name Sojourner Truth and traveling where the Spirit leads. Through God, faith, desire for truth and wit, Sojourner Truth walks through every phase of life speaking as an abolitionist, an activist for women's right and a minister of God's "good truth."
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The story of Sojourner Truth is a long and fascinating one. This is a story Jazmin wanted and needed to tell. "I felt such a strong call to write and present 'The Journey of Truth.' 
Not much is known about the details of Sojourner's life, but she did leave an incredible legacy."

Jazmin combined her artistic talents and thorough research to tell this story in a way that guarantees a more well-rounded, honest  view of Ms. Truth.

This show chronicles the small steps that led to this amazing legacy left behind by one woman who decided to sojourn to profess God's good truth.
"The Journey of Truth" is currently touring.

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